Change Save Seminole is a community movement to end the unnecessary killing of healthy, or treatable dogs and cats at our local shelter.

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Who Is Change Save Seminole?

Seminole County and our community is changing, and we have an immense opportunity to have a real, data-driven conversation on the need to implement life-saving changes at Seminole County Animal Services (SCAS).

Change Save Seminole aims to inform, educate, and mobilize the public around this opportunity and work hand-in-hand with our local elected officials, shelter leadership, and staff to bring SCAS to No-Kill status, which means 90% of the dogs and cats that enter the shelter ultimately leave alive.

57% of all shelters in the United States achieved No-Kill in 2022, up from just 26% in 2016. Together, we can change Seminole and save these lives.

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THE Stats

According to the best available data from 2023, Seminole County Animal Services (SCAS) currently has a “save” rate of 72.6%, with 70.2% of cats and 75.2% of dogs entering the shelter eventually leaving alive. It is important to note that these numbers reflect the "save" rate when factoring out Owner Requested Euthanasia.

With the buy-in of our community, the support of shelter leadership and staff, and the attention of our local elected officials, we can save these lives and transform Seminole County from one of the highest killing shelters in the United States to a model of life-saving.

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the Needs

For our county and Seminole County Animal Services (SCAS) to join the growing tide of No-Kill communities and shelters, we must embrace two key solutions:

Implement a Robust Community Cat Program!

With cats accounting for the majority of the animals killed each year at SCAS, we must move away from simple catch-and-kill programs that have failed to meet the needs of our community and indiscriminately kill healthy cats.

A community cat program, also known as a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return or TNVR program, humanely traps unowned, outdoor cats where they are then neutered/spayed and vaccinated, before being returned to where they were found.

Neutering/spaying removes these cats’ ability to reproduce while also addressing numerous community complaints such as yowling, aggression, and spraying. Vaccination reduces the spread of diseases such as rabies, ensuring a healthier cat and community.

All of this is achieved without killing these animals and allowing them to continue living successfully outdoors.


Develop a More Robust Foster Program!

No community can achieve No-Kill status without the buy-in and support of its people. One of the foundational tenets of No-Kill is the development of a large network of individuals, families, nonprofits, rescues, and more in the local community all dedicated to doing their small part in saving the lives of healthy dogs and cats.

Want to sign up to be a foster? We can help. Click below and fill out our Contact Form and make sure to check “Become a Foster.” A member of our team will reach out and kickstart your rewarding journey as a pet foster.


Sign The Pledge

By signing this pledge, I am showing my support for Seminole County immediately striving for no-kill status, saving at least 90% of the dogs and cats that enter our animal shelters.

Together, we can advocate for our local government to prioritize lifesaving by investing resources, instituting reforms, and partnering with animal sheltering experts.

Help The Shelter

We absolutely believe in community support for the shelter. There are three big ways you can directly support the shelter and its material needs, as well as save a life in need of a loving home. Click below to learn more.

Contact us

We can’t Change our community and Save these lives without you! Please take a moment to reach out to our team and get connected to join our movement. Together, we can bring Seminole to No-Kill!

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